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Lindsay at The View (April 18, 2014)


Lindsay Lohan on The View 18 April 14

Lindsay with fans

Lindsay with fans

first off, as a redhead who has a similar color to LL, I have to say your hair will look blonde or brown depending on the lighting, but red is red. Also depending on how regularly she colors it, it will look blonder as the cover-up coloring fades. Anyway, redhead lindsay is the best lindsay, duh. But... she looked beautiful on the view this morning. Do you have a link to watch/download that appearance? (p.s. this tumblr rocks)

Exactly, the color changes with everything, lightning and stuff like that, and on television usually everything changes lol but on The View you can see that her hair is still quite red. And redhead Lindsay is the best indeed! You can watch her interview here, unfortunately I don’t have a link to download the full episode yet (she was a co-host during the whole show). Thank you!!! xx




Lindsay Lohan on The View


April 17, 2014 - Watch What Happens Live!

Is there any link for the WWHL?????

you can download it here (press generate link)

I can't get over it. Look at her hair at Sohu Fashion or coahcella 2014 compared to how it was on Watch what happens live... It's changed colour :(

In my opinion, it didn’t changed lol she’s still a redhead, you people got me all “omg nooo” lol but she’s not blonde tho x